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Word of Mouth is the Best Advertising...

How can you Grow Your Network of Referral Sources, Affiliates or Joint Venture Partners?

We're now Building our Affiliate Systems on the Groove Digital Platform, and you can, too!

JV Resources We're Exploring...

Bee Konnected...

Bee Konnected uses a AI system to match you up with your ideal JV partners... They also include great benefits for saving on webinar hosting, travel, training courses and more...


Joint Venture Insider Circle...

JVIC has periodic online gatherings where you can meet dozens of fellow entrepreneurs looking for mutual JV partners. They also offer ongoing membership support... Membership is currently filled, but you can get on the list to be notified when they open up.

JVIC Waiting List


Jay Fiset is developing an app to use AI to match up ideal partnerships. Right now, you can still set up a free account through the link below...

JVology App

Pure JV

Charles Byrd teaches an 8 week course on his method of creating and tracking JV partnerships... In addition to learning a systematic approach to using supportive technology centered on Evernote, you will have opportunities to interact with other class members...

Pure JV

JV Hacking Blueprint...

Ridgely Goldsborough has developed a dedicated software to schedule and support all the details and people involved in JV launches. You can classify it as a Product Launch Scheduling Program with Role Delegation. And the program is customizable to match your needs and your team...

JVology App

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Examples of Our Websites

...In Addition To This One!

We have developed hundreds of pure and potent Functional Formulations™ that support Accelerated Self Healing™.

You can explore over 150 of them at our new web store at RemedyMatch.com...

And we can give you maximum value because we don't have to pay any percentage to Groove!

Shop Now

Our new Clinical Praxis™ site introduces functional practitioners to our Transformational Solution™ for improving health outcomes.

With approval of Integrative Medicine as a medical specialty and with the 21st Century Cures Act, America is ready for a unified approach to healing.

We plan to migrate our Clinical Theory™ website to the Groove platform as well... 

For Doctors

My book Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions, was first written in the 1980's when I learned that one out of three patients failed to heal because of electromagnetic interference...

Now we have added cell phones, WiFi, and 5G to the EMF challenge...

On the other hand, we are developing profound healing systems using EMF as well.

EMF Stress Solutions

On the other hand, we are developing profound healing systems using EMF as well.

EMF Healing Solutions

Your Affilate Link:

To automatically track your referrals to Healing Oasis, you can create your own personal affiliate tracking link to our introductory website for Accelerated Self Healing.

Your link will look like this:


If you are using your link somewhere other than email, you can substitute the name of that private communication channel for "email", such as "messenger" or "practice_newsletter" if tracking the medium may provide helpful feedback to you.

If you want to share your affiliate link with the public, such as on social media, you should first get some indication of interest from each person, and then share the link privately with them rather than directly posting your affiliate link online.

When you have given your referral link a try and are ready to learn more, you can also join our affiliate group on our online portal here:


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