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Why are we moving our coaching from email to an online portal?

Why Group Coaching Genie?

Group Coaching Genie Review...

The Group Coaching Genie platform is uniquely designed by coaches for coaching.

Coaching involves much more interaction than learning management systems support.

And having all your communications in one place makes it much more efficient and easier to track more clients as your practice grows...

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Ready to Scale Your Coaching to Help More People?

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Examples of Our New Websites on Groove

...In Addition To This One!

We have developed hundreds of pure and potent Functional Formulations™ that support Accelerated Self Healing™.

You can explore over 150 of them at our new web store at RemedyMatch.com...

And we can give you maximum value because we don't have to pay any percentage to Groove!

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Our new Clinical Praxis™ site introduces functional practitioners to our Transformational Solution™ for improving health outcomes.

With approval of Integrative Medicine as a medical specialty and with the 21st Century Cures Act, America is ready for a unified approach to healing.

We plan to migrate our Clinical Theory™ website to the Groove platform as well... 

For Doctors

My book Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions, was first written in the 1980's when I learned that one out of three patients failed to heal because of electromagnetic interference...

Now we have added cell phones, WiFi, and 5G to the EMF challenge...

On the other hand, we are developing profound healing systems using EMF as well.

EMF Stress Solutions

On the other hand, we are developing profound healing systems using EMF as well.

EMF Healing Solutions

Professional Wellness Software

Check out some of our favorite expert systems for Biofield Analysis™ of our remote clients...

Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES)

Get a free energetic analysis of your body field based on a voice sample. This system gives you access to recommended Infoceuticals (information medicine) drops for your drinking water so you can restore optimum epigenetic wellness. 

Scanning can now be done online with any computer or smart phone, without additional hardware...

NES is based in London, with branches worldwide, and is founded on the electro-acupuncture research of Australian Acupuncturist Peter Fraser.

Zyto Elite & EVOX

EVOX provides biofeedback through your meridians based on stress frequencies identified in your voice. Every person should complete a one-time process of Transgeneration Perception Reframing to clear inherited epigenetic family patterns. 

We also utilize the Elite platform for our proprietary Biofield Analysis™ software.

A Zyto hand cradle (pictured) is required at the client side, along with a Windows computer and internet connection... Zyto is advanced healing technology developed in America by Dr. Vaughn Cook.

Inergetix CoRe

CoRe Inergetix provides reproducible remote analysis of the biofield and consciousness field, as well as remote healing, all through resonance in the non-local information realm without a need for internet connection or hardware at the client's side.

CoRe Inergetix is developed by Dr. Kiran Schmidt in Europe.

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