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gelatin capsules

Gelatin Capsules

Made from Cows (Bos taurus)

We don't use capsules made from bovine collagen, but occasionally we have the opportunity to help a client heal their beloved animals, as was the case with Clover, the cow.

In this series of slides, you can watch the progress as Clover heals his eye tumor...

In the video below, I narrate and explain what we are seeing as this natural self healing process unfolds. 

Clover and his owner continue doing well with less intensive followup support. At the hospital, his owner is told that she is the longest living survivor they have ever seen with her condition. 


Cancer is not just a condition in the tumor, but in the terrain of the whole body. Even after the body has healed the tumor, continuing to support the Accelerated Self Healing™ process is essential to achieve the potential for both quality of life and longevity.


Learn more at IllToWell.com


For liquid-containing gel capsules, we recommend seaweed-sourced Carrageenan over bovine Gelatin because of concerns that Gelatin may carry a risk of contamination with Glyphosate. Some top doctors and researchers conclude that Glyphosate may substitute for Glycine in proteins.

For powder capsules, we recommend vegetarian source capsules rather than bovine Gelatin. We use green color capsules colored with Chlorophyll, and clear enteric capsules that are phthalate-free. Most enteric supplements and drugs use plasticizers called phthalates to produce their enteric coatings. These plastics in the diet are a major cause of immune dysfunction.

To learn more about the Glyphosate-Glycine Substitution theory, you can visit the Weston A. Price Foundation (click the link below) and you can also watch the TedX talk (below) by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT. She mentions her theory at the very end of the talk, and suspects that further research may one day confirm it. Of course, that research is unlikely to be funded by either government or corporate sources, which dominate research funding. 

Dr. Seneff's other videos (below) go into detail on the problem of glyphosate... She shows extremely high correlations (.89 to .99) between increasing glyphosate usage on corn and soy crops with the epidemic rates of serious illnesses including autism, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's, end-stage kidney disease, Parkinson's, and dementia. Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor related to issues from infertility to cancer. It is an antibiotic that destroys the gut microbiome, interferes with mineral and amino acid availability while destroying our detoxification abilities including detox of excitotoxins implicated in many degenerative neurological conditions including migraine, glaucoma, and Alzheimer's...

To minimize exposure to glyphosate, it is crucial to avoid GMO and non-organic foods, as well as supplements wrapped in gelatin. Highly alkaline water ionized by electrolysis can be used to soak pesticides off questionably organic produce. Detoxification from past exposure, and protection against inadvertant exposures is supported by about 10 drops of our Terrain Restore liquid taken orally or diluted in water about a half hour before each meal, or three times a day.

redox signalling effects heal and prevent leaky gut reactions to glyphosate and antibiotics in foods, while also reducing systemic inflammation by healing tight junctions between cells in the vascular endothelium, the kidney tubules, and the blood-brain barrier, with rapid improvements possible in neurological functions, and long term improvement in immune functions.


Learn About Glyphosate in Proteins

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