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Synthetic Ingredients

Synthetic ingredients are largely petrochemical derivatives made from coal tar.

Most supplements use USP standard ingredients.

USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia. 

The USP was founded in 1820 to provide standards for the patent drug branch of medicine.

Up until the early 20th century when the Rockefeller and Carnegie families took control of all medicine in the United States, there was a free market for thinking, speaking, teaching and practicing of the healing professions.

The monopolist families had already gained control of the petroleum industry, which had its origin in medicine as the unrefined petrochemical drug "Rock Oil".

The main competitor of the Rockefellers' Rock Oil was Snake Oil.


Snake Oil was a real natural medicine obtained from snakes.

As you certainly are aware, Snake Oil is demonized to this day.


Because the way the Rockefellers destroyed their competition was not by producing a better product, but by any means necessary.

The original monopolist of the Rockefeller clan was famous for saying that "the only sin is competition!"

Snake Oil was obviously a premium priced product because you could only get it from snakes...

And how much snake oil does a snake have?

Rock oil is obviously cheap, as it gushes from the ground, sometimes even without drilling a well...

So the Rockefellers demonized Snake Oil by purchasing lots of advertising claiming that Snake Oil salesmen were ripping people off by charging a high price for a product that they claimed didn't really work, unlike their affordable marvellous cure-all Rock Oil.

You know... they were demonized as 'Snake Oil salesmen.'

The tar the truly demon-possessed competition flung at the natural product industry is obviously still sticking to some degree...

But what is the truth?

The truth is that Snake Oil actually has the highest know concentration of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids.



Now the petrochemical industry has evolved a long way since the 1800's.

The Rockefellers expanded from medicine into transportation to further their monopoly.

They bought up the railroad that transported their oil in Pennsylvania so their transportation cost would be lower.

Then they raised the price for transporting competitors' oil.

When one competitor came up with the brilliant innovation to build a pipeline to transport his oil more safely and cheaply, what happened?

Someone blew up the pipeline before it could be finished.

We wonder who benefitted from that act of domestic terrorism...

Or "Cui bono" as we say in Latin.

With petroleum and transportation locked up, the monopoly metastasized to engulf banking and turned back to look again at its origin in medicine to see how it could further its insatiable greed for money, power, and control.

The Flexner Report was commissioned to study the various schools of thought in medicine in order to choose the most profitable one to back in its next bid for monopoly control. 

At that time in the free market of ideas about health and healing, the leading philosophy was Homeopathic Medicine. 

While the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) was first published in 1897, its predecessor pharmacopoeias go back to 1841.

At the turn of the 20th century, most medical schools were homeopathic, and still today more people are treated with homeopathy than any other form of medicine.

Many of the leading medical texts on homeopathy were originally published in that era in the United States, and are still being reprinted and distributed worldwide...

Homeopathy is inexpensive, non-toxic, and free of side-effects.

During the infamous Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, Navy ships that used homeopathic medicine had almost no deaths.

When they met up with ships using patent medicine, there had been so many deaths resulting from suppressing symptoms with aspirin that they ran out of coffins, so they had to borrow them in bulk from the ships that had homeopathic physicians on board.

When flu symptoms are suppress with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin, the immune system is blocked from completing the process of dissolving, deactivating and removing the offending substances from the tissues and from the body.

The challenge is forced into deeper tissue layers, the deepest of which includes the kidneys.

When the kidneys become stressed, they cannot remove all of the acid wastes and toxins from the blood, and the lungs become involved.

That is why most of the deaths in the 1918 pandemic were from bacterial pneumonia, not from the flu virus...

When I first started practicing natural medicine on my return to New York from my research clinic in Tokyo in 1984, I worked with Dr. Stephen Paul, a Ph.D. biochemist who had learned something very profound in his work at a teaching hospital in Philadelphia.

While running statistics on patients who died from acute renal failure in the hospital, Dr. Paul discovered that nearly all of them had been on aspirin. 

Extrapolating his findings to a national scale, this meant that aspirin was killing over 30,000 people every year with just this one side-effect. 

Imagining the gratitude, accolades and notariety that would naturally flow from saving so many lives year after year, he immediately brought the statistical findings to the attention of the hospital administration.

He was fired.

The study was never published.

The hospital continues to receive massive funding from the aspirin manufacturers.

Millions more have died needlessly since then.

So, how did the petrochemical pharmaceutical industry take over medicine with their synthetic patent medicines to become the most lucrative and powerful industry on the planet today?

First the Rockefellers and Carnegies invested in the schools that taught doctors to use patented toxic chemical drugs.

They built up the teaching facilities and laboratories.

They hired the best teachers away from the competing schools of Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Eclectic Medicine.

Then they lobbied the legislatures state by state to start licensing physicians.

Prior to licensing, there were 5 times as many medical schools, and doctors made house-calls.

Medicine was accessible and competitive, so it was affordable for everyone, and there were choices of different approaches to healing.

But with the advent of modern patent drugs, there were dangers to the public because of the strength and side effects of the toxins used as medicines.

In law, licensing only comes into play when there is danger to the public.

Drugs and surgery can be controlled by licensing because they do harm.

For example, the first laws licensing marriage in the 1800's were implemented for marriages of mixed race based on a perceived threat of violence in response to the union. 

Today, we see where that has led...

The camel's nose poked under the tent... and the rest of the camel followed.

After World War II, the United States set up new constitutions in Germany and Japan.

We gave the people of those nations more medical freedom than we have here...

In Japan there are two medical systems, Eastern and Western, both of which can treat any disease including cancer.

In Germany, there are five systems including Heilpraktikers (natural health practitioners), Homeopaths, and Anthroposophical physicians.

Imagine if Big Pharma had been in the position homeopathy finds itself today.

There would be no new drugs allowed that were discovered since the founding of the FDA!

That's right...

Homeopathic provings for newly discovered compounds as significant as individual vitamins and newly created substances as pervasive as plastics have been fully researched in India, but Americans are not allowed legal access to them even though they are completely non-toxic and free of side effects. 

Today, about two thirds of all pharmaceuticals are completely synthetic, which usually means they are made from coal tar.

That includes USP vitamins used in most supplements.

The problem with synthetic vitamins is three-fold...

They are chemically different from the natural vitamin forms found in foods and the active co-enzyme forms that work in the body.

They are energetically different as well, so the quantum signals they emit are not exactly what the body is looking for.

Thirdly, they carry the information of their source... Rock Oil.

Petroleum is dark and dead.

It has been buried deep in the earth for eons.

It is associated with the dinosaurs as the dominant reptilian spirits of that age long past.

Who is to say that those undead spirits have not re-emerged carried along with the oil in which they were interred, only to dominate once again...

Perfectly possessing those willing human forms whose souls would consent to step aside from their heavenly potential, in cheap trade for earthly riches and temporal power.

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