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How to Swallow Supplements

by The Wizard of Wellness™, Dr. Glen Swartwout.


Tablets are compressed solids, so they are typically denser than water.

That means they sink to the bottom of a liquid used to carry them from the mouth to the stomach.

The trick to swallowing tablets is to tip your head back far enough that the tablet sinks to the back of your mouth before swallowing the mouth full of liquid.

That way the tablet is pushed down by the bolus of liquid. 


Capsules are filled with powders that have air space between the particles.

That means that they generally float on top of a liquid in the mouth.

The trick to swallowing capsules is to tip your head forward far enough so the capsule floats to the back of the mouth on top of the liquid.

Then, when you swallow, the liquid follows the capsule, pushing it down the esophagus to the stomach.

Capsules are generally preferred over tablets because they are easier to digest, and because most tablets use a large amount of stearates to hold them together.

Stearates form a biofilm on ingredients and the gut lining that reduces bioavailability of nutrients in the supplement as well as those in the diet...

All of our encapsulated Functional Formulations™ are free of stearates and other non-nutritive excipients.

Powders & Liquids

Powders and liquids can also present challenges at times, as well as benefits for particular supplements and particular people.

Powders offer an advantage of not having to swallow a tablet or capsule...

Being dry solids, they also reduce the cost of shipping tremendously compared to aqueous (water based) liquid solutions.

Powders can be aspirated into the lungs if you are not careful, so they are usually mixed into foods or drinks before ingesting.

Flavor is a common challenge with many botanical and nutritional ingredients...

Neutral tasting substances that are required in high dosages like proteins work well as powders, mixed into shakes and smoothies.

Some special liquid remedies are oils or mixtures of oil and water phases that are optimized to enhance absorption.

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