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Supplement Reviews

by The Wizard of Wellness™. Prices are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices as best we could determine, rounded to the nearest dollar...

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The Krill has 320 mg of Omega 3's, and 2 mg of Astaxanthin in 2 capsules.

All the ingredients look good.

Our alternative is even lower on the food chain.

Toxins such as heavy metals accumulate as you go up the food chain.

Krill are tiny crustaceans that eat algae.

That's how they accumulate the Omega 3 oils and the pigment astaxanthin.

Our Omega 3 formula is NeurOmega.

It supplies the whole algae oil, so it includes not only the Omega 3's mostly as DHA which is the number one fatty acid in the brain and even higher in the retina.

The whole oil also preserves the Phytoceramides, which serve many functions, from maintaining youthful health of the skin, to forming the insulation on nerve cells, to regulating nutrient access to the interior of every cell, and even regulating metabolism, affecting weight management and metabolic syndromes.

We also add key fat soluble vitamins (A, C as Ascorbyl Palmitate, D3, E complex, K2 plus the anthocyanin C3G from the Emperor's forbidden black rice.

The capsule is made from seaweed and colored with Curcumin.

The Omega dosage is 500 mg DHA per capsule plus 120 mg EPA, so each $1 capsule would be a similar dose to 4 capsules of the Krill oil ($3.33). 

B-Complex 100



The B-Complex 100 is just USP forms, and contains Stearates, so don't refill that one.

Stearates block nutrient absorption...

If you want to try any of our B complexes, there is a different one designed for each meal time, since many of the vitamins are processed at different times of day.

For example, if you experience low energy in the morning, you would take Rise & Shine with breakfast.

If you find your energy dropping in the afternoon, the remedy is Vital Energy Be.

Evening energy is supported by Sustain.

All the formulas are drawn from the full B complex, not just those with 'daily allowances'.

They contain optimum forms, such as the active coenzyme forms.

Dosages are designed to provide optimum functional ratios for the time of day rather than equal milligram amounts which are not based in physiology.

They all include key hard to find ingredients such as Amygdalin, which is so missing from Western diets...

The discoverers of Vitamin B17 conclude that cancer is the deficiency disease of chronic Amygdalin deficiency.

Vitamin D3 & K2



The Vitamin D3 & K2 also contains stearates, so don't refill it.

Stearates form a biofilm around nutrients and on the mucosal lining of the gut.

This biofilm impairs bioavailability of nutrients in the formula and from the diet.

The level of D3 in our NeurOmega could be adequate for maintenance if your level has come up to where you want to be.

You would get about the same dose of K2 in two capsules of NeurOmega as you are getting with one capsule of this formula.

If you need to raise your Vitamin D level, I would add our Vitamin D Synergy which includes Vitamin D's 4 synergists among the Vitamins, 4 synergistic Minerals and 5 synergists from the Botanical Kingdom, as well as our 8 Factor Bioavailability Formula formula that optimizes intestinal absorption and then circulatory delivery to the eye and brain.

Advanced Vision Formula 

(Advanced Bionutritionals)


This is a tablet formula made with stearates.

Stearates are used in larger quantities in tablets compared to capsules in order to bind the tablets together.

This makes them harder to digest, and also coats the nutrients and the intestinal lining, reducing bioavailability of the nutrients in the formula as well as in the diet.

I have several other issues with the formulation that could be improved.

It contains a mixture of many carotenoids, all of which compete for absorption, so the alpha and beta carotenes will competitively inhibit bioavailability of the more crucial astaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. 

This is why we make separate Macular Wellness formulas each with a different carotenoid, so they can be taken at separate meals to maximize delivery to the eye tissues.

Higher potency polyphenols could be substituted for the Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex to increase potency 10 fold.

Stabilized Bioenhanced R-Lipoate could be used instead of Alpha Lipoic Acid to increase effectiveness by dozens of times...

Even just using R-Lipoic Acid would improve the formula compared to Alpha Lipoic Acid, half of which is in the L form which does not exist naturally in biological systems.

Since Alpha Lipoic Acid is synthetic, half of the molecules twist the wrong way, and it is only about half as effective as the natural form of R-Lipoic Acid.

We use Stabilized Bioenhanced R-Lipoate in our Functional Formulations™ because even though it is more expensive, it is also more cost effective.

Oculotrophin PMG

(Standard Process) 


Standard Process products are typically made with whole food ingredients, not concentrates or standardized extracts.

Unfortunately, there are added Stearates in this formula, used to hold the tablets together.

Along with the reduced absorption due to the addition of Stearates, the lack of concentration also means that higher dosages are required, making them quite costly for the benefits when compared to our Functional Formulations™.

The protomorphogenic factor in Oculotrophin is from porcine (pig) eyes.

For morphogenetic support of eye tissue healing, we use Russian tripeptides specific for eye (Visoluten), brain (Cerluten) and vascular (Ventfort) regeneration.

These were discovered by Russian military researchers during the cold war, when there was strong funding for regenerative medicine research in Russia...

They are taken on and off for periods of 7 to 10 days.

We recommend taking them when indicated by our Biofield Analysis™ process, and generally when the body is in a regenerative phase of healing.

In our Clinical Theory™, Phase 3 is the biophysical terrain for regeneration.


(Standard Process)


IPlex capsules are made with the addition of Stearates as an excipient so that the product can be made on high speed encapsulation machines...

Stearates coat the nutrients and the lining of the gut, reducing bioavailability not only of the nutritional components in the supplement, but also those in the diet.

We have developed many different formulations to support a full range of eye and vision issues. 

Visit us at AcceleratedSelfHealing.com to learn more...

After you watch our free automated webinar, you will have the opportunity to set up a free Transformation session with our team, where we can talk more by phone and see what would be best suited to your needs...


(Global Healing Center)


This is a clean formula, free of non-nutritive excipients.

It is in a vegetable capsule, so it is also free of concerns with potential glyphosate in gelatin capsules.

The formula is based on 4 bulk botanicals, 2 enzymes, Fulvic Acid and 1 probiotic flora species.

Since a serving is designated as 3 capsules, the bottle supplies 40 servings, or a 20 day supply at the recommended rate of 2 servings per day.

With anti-fungal programs, I recommend starting gently, with one capsule to see if there are any die-off (Herxheimer reaction) symptoms.

Increase the daily dose by one capsule each day, in divided dose (2 doses per day) as recommended.

If gut or general body new or old symptoms appear or existing symptoms are aggravated, use your tolerance level as a guide to building up the dosage.

If strong reactions occur, wait until they are tolerable before resuming dosing.

Our approach to this challenge of needing to gradually build up tolerance to the intensity of anti-fungal programs due to die-off, is to start with a gentle remedy like this one (ours is Candida Cleanse), and then once that is tolerated at the full dose, we progress to the stronger anti-fungal remedy (Fungifuge).

We also use a wider range of more concentrated ingredients, because fungi have a tremendous capacity for adaptation to environmental stresses, so we come at them from multiple angles...

If you do a cleanse with Mycozil, try following it with a round of Fungifuge...

Kyolic Garlic Formula 108

(Wakunaga of America)


I visited Wakunaga Pharmaceuticals garlic aging facility when I was practicing in Tokyo, and their SGP (Special Garlic Preparation) was one of the first supplements I used in my practice when I returned to New York in 1984...

Kyolic Garlic Formula 108 unfortunately contains stearates. Otherwise, it is a formula that has been clinically documented to help cardiovascular health and circulation, including reducing Homocysteine levels. 

The label does not specify the form of the three B vitamins included as methyl donors to reduce Homocysteine, although it does specify the 'Folic Acid' as folate, which is good.

It is likely that the forms of B6 and B12 could be improved, since the active co-enzyme forms are more expensive so if they were included, they would undoubtedly be advertised on the label...

After reviewing this product, I am considering formulating an upgrade with a pure aged garlic extract standardized to a higher concentration of Allicin, so that the daily dosage can be reduced from 4 capsules to 1 or 2, while also adding more botanical and nutritional synergists.

Let me know if this would be of interest to you, so I can bump it up in priority for research, development, and production...

If you have another favorite product that works for you, but might be possible to improve even further, let me know, and I will review it for you. 

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Ocuprime sells is valued at $179 for a bottle of 60 vegicaps. It sells for $69 a bottle plus shipping. The marketing is hyperbolic claiming to restore 20/20 vision and eye health for every known eye and vision problem.

The 16 ingredients include 4 carotenoids with beta carotene being the bully of the bunch which will prevent absorption of the lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. That's why our Macular Wellness formulas each contain a single carotenoid, since they all compete for absorption by the same channel in the small intestine. Each carotenoid is also synergized by 27 other nutritional and botanical ingredients in more optimal and concentrated forms than those in Ocuprime...

The vitamins in Ocuprime are less than prime. The Vitamin A is not in the active co-enzyme form, and as mentioned already, this pro-Vitamin form of Beta Carotene not only must be metabolized by the liver to become active, but it prevents the absorption of the bulk of the other key carotenoids in the formula.

The Vitamin C is listed as Ascorbic Acid, not L-Ascorbic Acid, which means it is synthetic, not natural source. The Vitamin E is listed as DL-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate, with the DL indicating that it, too, is synthetic, not natural which would only include the D enantiomer form. (Imagine half of the screws in the box turning the wrong way...)

The B vitamins are mostly USP forms, not the active coenzyme forms. Biotin is fine, and B3 as Niacin appears to be their main driver of any therapeutic benefits as well as likely side effects. There is 200 mg of Niacin per capsule, and 100 mg would be enough to produce a strong Niacin flush. This is an unpleasant reaction with redness and itching, but on the therapeutic side, it will increase circulation to the eye tissues, and hence delivery of the other ingredients. Our approach is to include a small enough dosage that even when taking several of our formulations at the same time, there is no such side effect, but just an enhancement of tissue delivery. 

The minerals in the formula are likewise relatively cheap forms, including inorganic oxides and carbonates, and less than optimal gluconates. The Selenium is at least chelated by an unspecified amino acid, but the preferred form is Methylselenocysteine, as it is the only form found effective in degenerative conditions such as cancer.

The botanicals are less than impressive with unspecified quantities and potencies of bilberry, eyebright, and grape seed extract. We prefer to use the most concentrated standardized extracts available and provide full disclosure on our labels rather than a 'proprietary blend.'

Where they use Quercetin, we prefer the water soluble form Quercetin Dihydrate since it is about 8 times more bioavailable.

Similarly, they include Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is synthetic, while we prefer the patented stabilized bioenhanced R-Lipoate. The difference in effectiveness is at least 40-fold, so we consider it a much better investment since our goal is actual therapeutic results.


There are so many factors to consider...

I've made a checklist to facilitate the process

A client with Macular Degeneration (AMD) asked if she should take a new supplement she came across that claimed to be a stem cell cure for eye problems.


AMD is listed as the leading cause of irreversible blindness in medical textbooks.


I have been helping patients and clients reverse AMD for 40 years with my books, videos, websites, programs, and formulations. Here's the analysis I sent to my client:


Activation of stem cells is only effective for healing when the tissue is in Regenerative Terrain. If the tissue is in very low-energy terrain, even stem cell injections can promote cancer by becoming cancer stem cells. We use tissue-specific peptides for retinal healing including those for the eye, brain, and blood vessels that stimulate regeneration only when they test effective in Regenerative Terrain.


The VisiUltra formulation is priced at $69 (on their website) to $79 (on Amazon) for 60 capsules. This is in the same price range as our formulations (for non-members) which are much more comprehensive, cleaner, and more concentrated, as well as providing full disclosure and the world's best glass bottles for sustaining purity, potency, and bioenergetic activity. Here's my full review of the public information about the formulation:


Review Checklist: (feel free to write and ask me for a copy of my full checklist of Good and Bad features to look for, so you can fully analyze your own supplements and any you are considering... or tell me the brand and product name, and I'll research it for you!)


Good Features (optimal):


  • Optimum Form Vitamin: Cholecalciferol (D3) (listed just as Vitamin D)                   

  • Bad Features (i.e. less than optimal - except for the short-sighted purpose of attempting to maximize corporate profits):


  • Bottles: Plastic (the average American now ingests nearly 8 grams of plastics per week, mostly as microplastics. That's about the equivalent of eating 6 credit cards a month...)

  • Capsules: Gelatin capsule (may contain Glyphosate based on the research of Professor Stephanie Seneff at MIT)                            

  • Other Ingredients: Fillers (take up space that could be used for additional effectiveness): Brown Rice Flour

  • Minerals: Less than optimum forms are cheaper but less effective:  

    Oxides: Zinc

    Unspecified Amino Acid Chelates: Copper (some Amino Acid Chelates are quite good, but if the form is not specified, we can't know...)

  • Vitamins: Synthetic USP forms: Ascorbic Acid (natural Vitamin C is more effective and more costly, so when it is used, it will be listed as L-Ascorbic Acid)

  • Raw Botanical Powders (low potency and must be extracted by digestive power): Spirulina, Bladderwrack 

  • Unspecified Potency Botanical Extracts: all others (Astaxanthin, Blueberry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin)

  • Proprietary Blends with unspecified quantities of ingredients: about half of the capsule contents including unspecified quantities of Blueberry Extract, L-Carnitine, Grape Seed Extract, Bladderwrack, Resveratrol, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin.

  • Carotenoid Blends (compete for absorption): Spirulina is rich in Beta Carotene which suppresses absorption of other Carotenoids by competitive inhibition; Astaxanthin (12 mg), Lutein, and Zeaxanthin (unspecified amounts) Carotenoids are also included in the same capsule

  • Less than optimum form Botanical extracts: Resveratrol is less bioavailable than Trans-Resveratrol

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    Store Brands

    80% of botanical supplements didn’t contain any of the herbs listed on the labels according to a government study of store brands at GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart.

    They did contain cheap fillers like powdered rice, asparagus, radish, beans, peas, wild carrot, and ‘houseplants’, as well as wheat in bottles labelled wheat and gluten free.

    For example, Ginkgo, Valerian and St. John’s wort supplements at Target contained none of the labelled herbs...


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    If you have a favorite product that works for you, but might be possible to improve even further, let me know, and I will review it for you. 

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